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born in 1990 in Ottawa - lives and works Ottawa, ON


Sarah Tompkins completed her BFA in painting and printmaking at Queen’s University and is currently pursuing her MFA in painting at Ottawa University. 

The unknowability of the self underpins my present area of research. What took root as an inquiry into the psychological and philosophical nature of uncertainty has evolved into a series of paintings which are process-driven rather than image-driven; employing alternating layers of concentric frames and gestural brushwork to describe a disruption of time and experience. At the core of this process are a number of antagonistic self-imposed systems which are concerned with shifting states of control, addition and erasure, creation and destruction.


She has exhibited previously at Skeir Gallery (Toronto), SAW Gallery (Ottawa), Agnes Etherington Art Centre (Kingston), as well partaken in group exhibitions in Venice, Barcelona, and London, UK. 

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